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Security Online Solutions

Manage in a single solution all the administrative security work of your officers at your client’s sites, monitor the work and every activity report in condominiums, hotels, buildings, and shopping centers in your own equipment, optimize storage and consult reports.


With SOS Security Online Solutions, you add value to your contract, efficiently managing the security of your clients in real time, capturing and centralizing the necessary data without adding costs and speeding up communications with your team and your customers.


Create and manage reports by clients and by type of incident. Do not lose information that may be essential and do not allow storing that information to become a problem. With SOS you have storage and unlimited access to your reports. And the best! You can do it with your own equipment, our system works on Android and iOS devices. Less costs, more performance.

Try SOS Security Online Solutions and if you have an extra need, we will develop it to your needs.

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Who benefits from our solutions?

Security Guard Companies

Residential and Commercial Properties

Law Enforcement Agencies

Stores and Warehouses

Property Managers, General Managers and Board of Directors

Hotels and Resorts

Schools, Colleges and Universities

Industrial Facilities